About Us

Who We Are

Lucid Switch is a group of experienced Business IT professionals who help companies integrate cloud-based software solutions.  We are experienced consultants heavily concentrated in Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Software who work together to identify the gaps that exist in your business.  We help you make informed IT decisions related to sales, marketing and targeted growth, and then assist you in the implementation of technology in order to provide greater efficiency within your business.


Why Us

Collaborative Advantage
Lucid Switch offers many different technology solutions in areas of sales, marketing, and business development.  But we don't just have a few consultants who claim to know everything about all technology.  We are a collective group of highly skilled specialists with a great amount of experience within their own subject matter.  Project Managers, Business & Financial Analysts, Designers, Marketing Specialists, and Business Owners make up the core of our team. We leverage the experience of each of our consultants in order to create a collaborative environment best suited to provide best in class service for your business success.