3GB Supply

3BG Supply is a broker distributor of power transmission parts to factories and manufacturers throughout North America.

Pain Points 

3BG Supply first asked Lucid Switch to consult with them on the workflow of their CRM and ordering process.  Their existing software had been slowing down their ordering process for a number of reasons.  After creating quotes for their customers, they had to manually re-enter the same order into Sales Orders, and then again into Supplier Orders and invoices. They would then have to download and re-import the invoices into their accounting software. Their initial plan was to have someone come in and create a customized software application within their existing system that would circumvent the duplication of data entry and fix the bottlenecks they were experiencing.

Lucid Solution 

After documenting the desired workflow which would streamline their sales and ordering process, we came to the conclusion that a custom program integrated into their software was not a viable long term solution.  Too many dependencies on the other solution existed, and there would be no way to insure that a custom solution would continue to work if these dependencies changed.  

Lucid Switch presented Workbooks Business as an alternative choice to the existing system. Workbooks allowed 3BG Supply to streamline the ordering process by allowing them to easily copy transaction documents from Quote to Customer/Sales Order to Supplier/Purchase Order to Invoice with a simple click of a button.  With a robust API, we were also able to create additional workflow automation making the ordering process even easier and reducing the chance of user error, as well as allowing them a seamless integration of their accounting software.


After implementing Workbooks Business as their new solution, Panzit has been able to streamline business processes, provide an easier solution for their employees, and has set them up with the ability to scale the business as it grows.

Benefits of working with Lucid Switch: Software Selection, Workflow Automation