Windswept Marketing

Windswept Marketing is a US based company that produces embroidered emblems, promotional branded products, and branded apparel.  

Pain Points 

Windswept came to Lucid Switch asking for assistance with developing reports that would provide them with greater analytics on the performance of their sales team, as well as a requirement to create a customized ordering portal for their clients.  Recognizing the need for the integration of several technologies to speak with one another in the long term, we recommended to start with an analysis of their current business processes in order to insure that their sales process would allow them to properly collect relevant data required to produce KPI’s and sales analytics.  We also had to make sure that software decisions would be made with the larger picture in mind, so that future integration would not limit scalability and growth.

Lucid Solution 

In the first phase of our engagement with Windswept, we went through the process that existed with their existing workflow and found many operational inefficiencies within their sales and fulfillment process.  We made the recommendation to switch over to Workbooks Business in order to reduce the time spent in the ordering process and create greater flexibility for integration of other cloud based solutions.  


Windswept was able to automate over 50 different manual tasks that had previously existed. They were able to automate the integration of Constant Contact into Workbooks reducing the time spent importing contacts into their email marketing as well as giving the sales team a direct view into the analytics of their email marketing directly from Workbooks.

Through a customization, Lucid Switch also built an image gallery in an external website which was shown inside of an i-frame field directly inside of Workbooks.  This makes it easier for their customers and prospects to provide artwork files that are necessary for creating their custom emblems, and also makes it easier for Windswept to share Sew Out Proofs and revisions for clients to sign off on rather than sending files back and forth via email. 

Finally, with an improved workflow and automation of field updates, Windswept now has the ability to collect the important sales activity data which provides the means to create more efficient sales cycles and know when they can hire new sales staff for growth.

Benefits of working with Lucid Switch: Software Selection, Workflow Automation